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Render farm-online has the power equivalent to a hundred computers i7 available for professional animation studios, 3D computer graphics, and architecture. Render farm of Render-online support the main digital imaging software as well as the major engines like Vray rendering, developed by Chaos Group Ltd. Which is compatible with most digital imaging software.

More information on Vray

Vray is a renderer designed originally by Vladimir Koylazov and Peter Mitev of Chaos Group Ltd. Vray is used as an plugins for several including 3D modeling software for its global illumination algorithms, ray tracing, photon mapping, or radiosity illumination.
Renderings obtained using Vray are more photo realistic than its competitors thanks to the improved simulation of the light beam.The use of Vray reduces rendering time necessary to obtain a good image, especially because of the complexity and the amount of calculations. Vray is used for films or video games to a big budget, but also in architecture with very good qualities of 3D perspectives.

Render farm Online

A render farm is a facility linking multiple computers for the purpose of calculating the image synthesis for 3D perspectives or 3D animation rendering in parallel. Often consisting of powerful machines and connected between the divided time calculation of render, a render farm calculates each frame independently for greater efficiency. They machine the render farm so that their respective power significantly varies the calculation time.