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Render-online has the power equivalent to a hundred computers i7 available for professional animation studios, 3D computer graphics, and architecture. Render farm of Render-online support the main digital imaging software as well as the main rendering engines Mental Ray, developed by Mental Images and acquired in 2007 by NVidia.

More info on Mental ray

Mental Ray is a 3D rendering engine produced by the company Mental Images, then by NVidia. It uses a raytracing (ray-casting) method to create the images. Recently, the development of Mental Ray shaders may be made via a dedicated language developed by Mental Images: MetaSL. It allows to create shaders through the Mental Mill software, either directly by coding or using a nodal system of combination of shaders.

Render farm Online

A render farm or firm rendering is a group of computers connected together and managed by a server for the purpose of the calculation of rendering images of summaries for the special effects for movies or video games, but also to model architectural 3D animations or prospects. Activity of rendering calculation is reduced by the number of machines of the render farm and their respective powers, as well as by the use of a suitable parallel computing architecture so that each image can be calculated independently for the others.