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Render farm-online has the power equivalent to a hundred computers, It is available for professional animation studios, 3D computer graphics, and architecture. Render farm of Render-online support the main software digital imaging like 3ds Studio max, software developed by Autodesk, and is used for modeling, animation and 3D rendering.

More information on 3ds Max

3ds Studio Max or more commonly known as 3D Max is considered to be one of the reference software in the field of 3D computer graphics. Created by the Autodesk company who also has other software such as Maya and Softimage, 3D Max was able to make a name in the world of video games, before touching other fields such as film and architecture. With many plugins the latest version of 3D Max is much more comprehensive than the previous ones, and has the standard rendering engine Mental Ray and Vray, finalrender, maxwell render, xstream, fryrender and indigo in plugins.

Render farm Online

A render farm is a facility linking multiple computers for the purpose of calculating the image synthesis for 3D perspectives or 3D animation rendering in parallel. For greater efficiency a render farm is mostly equipped with powerful machines dedicated to computing. Calculating images independently to each other on different machines allows to divide the often high computation time.